Mercedes E Class

If you want to have a feel of luxury for your corporate event, wedding or tour of Singapore, the Mercedes E class comes in handy to make sure you have a trip you will always remember for a long time. A ride in the Mercedes E class promises to be great, stylish and comfortable; this car offers a relaxed trip of royalty.

The Mercedes E Class is a mid-size luxury sedan manufactured in Germany with a comfortable, attractive, good looking interior. The seating is quite spacious for the comfort of both the driver and the passengers.

It is a great idea to enjoy your next vacation in the Mercedes E Class which in unarguably always stood out when talking of executive rides, E Class sounds like the Executive class isn’t It.? Just like many other rides from Mercedes Benz, the safety features of the Mercedes E Class are out of this world.

There are different car hire companies to hire from if you are planning to hire a Mercedes E class for a short trip from the airport to your hotel in Singapore or any other important purpose. There are certain features of this car to entice you.

Regarding comfort, the Mercedes E class boasts to be one of the few cars you can hire that provides both heated and ventilated seats for both the driver and the passenger. The car has a personalized climate control feature that ensures everyone in the car is comfortable in their way all through the trip.

There is enough space at the back of the car enhance with leg, head and shoulder room for passengers to sit and be in a relaxed or in their comfort zone all along. The impressive Mercedes E Class is comfortable for about four passengers.

The safety features of the car are also reliable and great; you don’t have a thing to worry about regarding safety in the Mercedes E Class. It is well built with state-of-the-art sensory airbags that ensure the safety of everyone in the car in the case of an unforeseen incident.

Other safety features in the Mercedes E Class you can count on are; the security system, the brake assist as well as the panic alarm. The car also provides a good stability and traction control and a perfect power steering for easy maneuvering.

The car is affordable to hire in Singapore for your trip of any sort.

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