Jurong Bird Park Singapore

The best place to get closer to some of the prettiest and rarest birds in Singapore is the wonderful Jurong Bird Park. The park occupies about 20.2 hectares in the western corner of Singapore making this wide Park is the largest in Asia boasting of a collection of more than 5,000 birds from around 400 species.

You will have the chance to meet many birds including the glimpsing elusive birds such as the crested guinea fowl during their food time. There are a lot of mind-blowing activities going on in the park every day. A visit to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore is full of excitement and fun.

Where to go and what to do at the Jurong Bird Park

It is recommended you visit the Waterfall Aviary which is one the largest walk-in aviaries in the world, housing over 600 birds enhanced with a 30-meter high waterfall.

There are other great attractions in the wide park such as the largest walk-in lory flight aviary where you will have a close contact with more than 15 colorful lory species at over nine stories high. You will have a lot of excitement by visiting the impressive Penguin Coast which is a home to many species of this lovely creature.

There is also in the park the Flamingo Lake where you see the Flamingos in their hundreds and not far from here is the Pelican Cove with the most complete collection of Pelicans in the world.

You sure will be wowed witnessing the heat of the hunt as the eagles, falcons, and hawks showcase their talent during the Kings of the Skies Show. Dine with the parrots and the penguins if that is not enough.

You will be dazed when you visit the amazing bird sanctuary, and the kids will be excited to visit the Birdz of Play which is the bird-themed water playground.

Food for the birds

You will enjoy watching the birds as they are most active during their feeding time with live commentary by the park keepers and you can as well feed the birds like the penguins.

Behind the scene

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see some of the newly-hatched birds at the Breeding and Research Center as they start their lives’ journey. You get to see the nursery and weaning room as well as the incubation room.

You can also decide to spend the night at the park especially if your kid is a big fan of avian to enjoy overnight camping with penguins and other birds.

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