Charter Coach Bus

It is no longer news that the best transport to get around the city in Singapore is unarguably by bus, and you can get the services from different charter companies in Singapore. Hiring in coach bus in Singapore is not the problem; making a good choice is the main challenge.

Either you want to hire a coach bus for a one-time event or regular use for an establishment or school. There are some helpful tips to help you find a reputable coach bus provider from which you can hire a coach bus.


You cannot get around managing the logistics involved in hiring a coach bus service easily; it is not an easy task to handle the logistics of a trip within Singapore, it can take a long time to master. Having known that, you need to look for a coach bus charter company with experienced management teams that are reliable.

Endeavor to do a thorough research on companies that provides coach bus services in Singapore to get the best for your one-time event or regular you. You can read reviews from previous customers of the company to have an idea of what to get from the company.


The top priority for safety is a must when looking to hire a coach bus from a charter company. Do a thorough research on the company’s safety policy, ensure their drivers are highly qualified and have a good record you can rely on.

The importance of safety cannot be overemphasized; you need to ask questions on how regular the company services their fleets. Maintenance is very important to keep the coach bus in shape to avoid an accident as a result of mechanical breakdown during a trip.

Quality of the coach bus

Never settle for less when hiring a coach bus, consider a coach bus that is well-maintained and clean. The coach bus must offer a good comfort for passengers during their trip; no one wants to return from a trip with pain all over their body as a result of the inconvenience on the bus.

A good coach bus charter company must have a variety of models to choose from for different purposes and occasions.


Though hiring a coach bus can be expensive compared to public transit, it should, however, be pocket-friendly and not overpriced. Look for a reputable coach bus charter company that offers a good price without compromising on the quality of their services.

Charter Mini Coach

Are you planning a tour of the city of Singapore or you have an upcoming school excursion for kids? Getting a good transport that offers the best service with a good value for your money can be a little difficult.

A mini coach is ideal for any trip you are planning within Singapore and can get your passengers to any point in Singapore with safety and comfortability assured. You can get a great deal for your money when you hire a mini coach for your trip to Singapore.

Before you hire a mini coach, however, there are certain things you need to put into consideration.


Even though the first thing that comes to mind when hiring transport is the quality of service, it offers. However, many people often think of an affordable transport for their trips. The truth is there are a lot of different transport service that offers a pocket-friendly rate but sadly, the services they provide may turn out to be disappointing and very poor.

Mini coach transport in Singapore offers quality service to passengers without the need to break the bank but rather allows you to save some money along the way. One can say mini-coach transport is cost-effective in Singapore.


Anywhere you wish to go in Singapore; it is important to always put in mind the safety of people you are transporting in a mini-coach. It is important to get an assurance from the mini-coach charter company you are hiring from, that all the passengers you wish to transport will be safe and secure before hiring such mini coach.

Ensure you get an assurance that the mini-coach you want to hire is well-maintained and do a thorough inspection before setting out for your trip. Don’t forget to make sure the driver to handle your trip is highly qualified.


One of the important things people often have in mind when embarking on a trip is to have a comfortable one. It is very important to hire a mini coach that offers a great deal of comfort to people you intend to transport.

Look out for a mini coach that is well-equipped with adjustable chairs and other state of the art facilities your passengers can enjoy all the way through their trip. Remember a good transport can make a trip memorable.

A well-planned trip without a good transport can turn out bad. If you want an enjoyable trip, consider hiring a mini coach and don’t just hire but look out for the best.

Charter Mini Bus

More often than not, finding the right minibus to hire in Singapore looks like a very difficult task, but it’s not difficult but rather easy when you have the right information and tips to hiring a minibus in Singapore.

Minibus offers you one of the cheapest means of transportation in Singapore, either you are planning to transport your guests on your wedding, or you need to transport your school kids every day and any of your one-time event, the minibus is a right choice.

There are certain things you need to put in check before hiring a minibus in Singapore. You need to look for a minibus hire company that offers you the best regarding cost, convenience, and safety.


Before hiring a minibus from any minibus charter company in Singapore, it is highly recommended to carefully examine the safety measures put in place by the company for its users. The minibus driver must be well-trained and experienced with a good track record of driving a minibus.

You need to have an idea of the safety ratings of the minibus and also do a thorough inspection of the minibus to ensure it is in good shape before hiring and consequently hitting the road. Make sure the minibus is well equipped with seatbelts for safety.


Just like safety, comfort is also essential when hiring a minibus in Singapore, a trip by a minibus can turn out to be your worst nightmare or an exciting trip as a result of how comfortable your hired minibus is. A trip with a minibus is always filled with fun, but how do you have fun when you are not comfortable?

Ensure you go for a minibus with enough space to stretch your legs all along your driving time, a minibus with well-cushioned adjustable chairs offers a good comfort for passengers. Read reviews by previous users of the minibus you want to hire.


Capacity differs with minibus, there the 5-seater, 7-seater, 9-seater, and 13-seater. The capacity of a minibus you should hire depends on the number of guests you want to transport on the minibus.

Avoid overcrowding which consequently leads to inconveniences, do not hire a 9-seater minibus for eleven guests, it is recommended you go for the 13-seater minibus in this case. Regarding cost, there is no need to break the bank to hire a minibus; they are usually affordable, consider a minibus charter company that offers a flat rate that is cheap without compromising their services.

Toyota MPV

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S-class is one of the perfect and luxury cars to safely and comfortably transport important guests to their destinations in Singapore. The car offers one of the best comforts such that you don’t feel any vibration from the pedals and driving wheels as you drive all along.

You sure won’t hear any wind or tire noise when the Mercedes S class is in its motorway speeds, you together with other guests feel safe and comfortable as you travel to your destination. The interior of the car is beautifully built with leader, wood, and metal; it is such a masterclass.

There are quite some reasons you should hire a Mercedes S Class for you big occasion in Singapore as well as what to look out for when hiring.


Are you concerned about safety? Relax the Mercedes S class is well-equipped with enhanced safety features you can rely on as you drive around Singapore. One of the safest cars to drive in is the Mercedes S Class; the wheel is well-balanced.

The car is also fortified with seatbelts to ensure the safety of the drivers and every passenger in the car, all you need to do is to check thoroughly if the car is in good shape before you rent. Remember also to check the safety rating of the Mercedes S class you are hiring.


No doubt you are set to enjoy maximum comfort from the Mercedes S Class as it is classic and built for comfort with the comfy leather chairs. At highway speed, you don’t feel any vibration as you drive but rather seated comfortably and enjoy your trip.

No annoying wind noise or the swirling of the tire. The car has a vast legroom to stretch your legs at will and remains comfortable all through your journey; the Mercedes S Class is a symbol of luxury.


It is essential when planning to hire a Mercedes S Class to search for one that best represents your need regarding price. While considering hiring from a charter company with the lowest price ensure the service they offer with the hire is not altered in any way but rather great as expected.

The Mercedes S Class is a luxury car with a feel of royalty, don’t hesitate to rent the car for your next big event or your tour through Singapore with your family.

Mercedes E Class

If you want to have a feel of luxury for your corporate event, wedding or tour of Singapore, the Mercedes E class comes in handy to make sure you have a trip you will always remember for a long time. A ride in the Mercedes E class promises to be great, stylish and comfortable; this car offers a relaxed trip of royalty.

The Mercedes E Class is a mid-size luxury sedan manufactured in Germany with a comfortable, attractive, good looking interior. The seating is quite spacious for the comfort of both the driver and the passengers.

It is a great idea to enjoy your next vacation in the Mercedes E Class which in unarguably always stood out when talking of executive rides, E Class sounds like the Executive class isn’t It.? Just like many other rides from Mercedes Benz, the safety features of the Mercedes E Class are out of this world.

There are different car hire companies to hire from if you are planning to hire a Mercedes E class for a short trip from the airport to your hotel in Singapore or any other important purpose. There are certain features of this car to entice you.

Regarding comfort, the Mercedes E class boasts to be one of the few cars you can hire that provides both heated and ventilated seats for both the driver and the passenger. The car has a personalized climate control feature that ensures everyone in the car is comfortable in their way all through the trip.

There is enough space at the back of the car enhance with leg, head and shoulder room for passengers to sit and be in a relaxed or in their comfort zone all along. The impressive Mercedes E Class is comfortable for about four passengers.

The safety features of the car are also reliable and great; you don’t have a thing to worry about regarding safety in the Mercedes E Class. It is well built with state-of-the-art sensory airbags that ensure the safety of everyone in the car in the case of an unforeseen incident.

Other safety features in the Mercedes E Class you can count on are; the security system, the brake assist as well as the panic alarm. The car also provides a good stability and traction control and a perfect power steering for easy maneuvering.

The car is affordable to hire in Singapore for your trip of any sort.

Mercedes Cab Limousine Singapore

Mercedes cab limousine set the pace for luxury brand taxi transport in Singapore and has since remained at the top of the game. The cab is a combination of both power and prestige and offers one of the best regarding comfort; it is one of a kind.

The Mercedes cab limousine has comfortable leather chairs for both the driver and the passengers to have a relaxed trip to their destination. Taxi trip turned out not to be an ordinary trip but rather a cool and luxurious trip with Mercedes limo cab in Singapore; it promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Safety on Mercedes cab limousine

The Mercedes cab limo is highly fortified with improved seatbelts to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers alike. The car also comes with a first class standard airbags to ensure everyone in the car has a peace of mind and enjoys their drive to their destinations.

It is safe to drive in the Mercedes cab, having been built with good and highly durable body support and firm passenger safety compartment which is thoroughly tested during the construction phase. Safety is not something to be worried about in the cab.

Comfort in Mercedes Cab

Just like every other Mercedes car, the Mercedes cab is very comfortable with well-cushioned leather seats you can have a convenient hitch-free trip. The Mercedes cab offers a deeply relaxed trip to your destination.

The seatbelts are improved and comfortable to use too, the cab is quite spacious allowing four people to be at ease all through the trip in Singapore. It also has state-of-the-art automatic thermotronic climate control that offers a pleasant atmosphere for passengers.

Environmental Friendly

The Mercedes cab is an environmental friendly running on a bivalent drive system that allows smooth switching between petrol power to natural gas power at any point in time without affecting the performance of the car.

The natural gas power mode is environmental friendly because less reactive hydrocarbons, CO2, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are emitted into the atmosphere making the environment safe for everyone.

It is so amazing how the car switch from the petrol power drive system to the natural gas power mode in the middle of the trip without affecting the speed and other performance of the car.

Do you want to hang out with friends or need transport to tour Singapore? You can count on Mercedes cab limousine to have a smooth and exciting trip.

Bentley Limousine Hire Singapore

Are you a visitor looking for a way to get around Singapore on tour? Are you thinking of the type of luxury car to hire for your visit to Singapore? Don’t look further; Bentley limousine is a good choice for you and your family, with Bentley limousine you are in for a memorable drive around Singapore.

The Bentley limo is comparable to the Mercedes S class, with Bentley limo you can get as much as you would get from Mercedes S Class regarding comfort, safety and a feel of luxury. The car is well built and attractive in and out.

You can hire a Bentley limo for a short trip from the airport to your hotel in Singapore. Whether it is a corporate event, a business trip or a family vacation in Singapore consider hiring a Bentley limo for an awesome drive.

Why you should hire a Bentley limo


When hiring a car in Singapore top of the things to consider is safety, your safety and that of another guest you are taking a ride with is essential. Bentley limo in Singapore is enhanced with reliable safety features, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The manufacturers of Bentley limo are pretty much concerned about safety and ensure the car is well built with a balanced wheel and a good traction for a smooth drive. It is advisable you check thoroughly the Bentley limo you are hiring to be sure it is in good shape before setting out on your trip.


Maintenance is no doubt pertinent to safety; a well-maintained transport would rarely develop a mechanical fault when in use. It is essential to know about the maintenance routine of the transport charter company.

Do they maintain their fleets regularly or only when they are not in good shape. It is also embarrassing and not ideal to hire charter transport that would break down along the way, hence, the need to ensure it is regularly maintained and in good shape before you hire.


You can only enjoy your trip when you feel comfortable in a car you hired for your tour, event, or business trip as the case may be. Even if it is just for a short trip from the airport to your hotel, you need to be comfortable.

The Bentley limo has good and comfortable chairs, well cushioned and has enough space to sit and stretch your leg. There is absolutely nothing like an inconvenience in this well-polished attractive car.

24 Hours Limo Rental Singapore

Maxi Cab Singapore

Another way to get around town in Singapore is by Maxi Cab. Maxi Cabs are of different capacities depending on the need of an individual. For foreigners who don’t have a hint to tour the country with ease can always count on Maxi Cabs for their trip.

Depending on the size of your group, maxi Cabs range from six-seaters for a group of five to seven-seaters, as well as nine-seaters. Irrespective of the purpose of your trip either for tourism or pleasure or business, the maxi cab is a good choice.

Maxi cabs irrespective of the size are usually spacious and is ideal for a group trip. There are so many charter companies in Singapore from whom you can hire a maxi cab. Before hiring a maxi cab, however, there is a need to consider some things to get the best around the country.


Just like every other means of transportation, safety is the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning to embark on a trip. The first and the topmost thing to check out before hiring a maxi cab is to run a background check on the hire company.

Consider hiring a maxi cab from a company who has the best interest of its customers regarding safety, the importance of safety cannot be overemphasized. Every maxi cab hire has their safety policy, choose one that best suits you. Endeavor to know the safety rating of the maxi cab you want to hire.


Maxi cabs are no doubt a very comfortable transport popular in Singapore; they, however, have different comfort depending on the handling by the different hire company. Consider hiring from a company that is very concerned about the comfort of their customers.

Maxi cabs are usually spacious and allow you stretch your legs and be relaxed while the driver drives you through your destination.


Maxi cabs come in different capacities; the choice is up to you depending on the number of your group. Do not hire a six-seater maxi cab for a group of seven or more people when you can hire a seven-seater or nine-seaters. Make the right maxi cab capacity for your group because this greatly affects the comfortability of your group.

Remember to also hire from a maxi cab hire company in Singapore that offers you the best regarding price. Plan your trip very well to know how long if you are renting on an hourly basis or how far based on distance so that you don’t overpay at the end.

Comfort Limousine Singapore

The limo is one of the best transport choices for a corporate event or any other big occasion such as a wedding in Singapore. Hiring the right limo can be somehow challenging, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Here are some helpful tips to help you make the right choice for limo service.

Plan your trip

You can choose from the different seaters limo like six-seaters, eight seaters or 10 seaters depending on the number of people with whom you are traveling.

Since most limo service companies provide hourly service, you need to decide how many hours you want to use the limo and pay for the exact hours and not overpay.

Find a service provider that understands your needs

A limousine service provider in Singapore will present you their standardized rate which has been fixed on an hourly basis. Most limo service usually bills their client for an extended period that exceeds the number of hours you need the service.

Most of them even count the hours the limo travel to your location from its base and even the hours it’s not working. You need to have an idea of how many hours it will take to transport your guests from place to place and the time it will be idle in between the trip and negotiate with the charter company for a flat rate.

The Review of The Limo you are hiring

Even after doing a background check of the track record of the limo service company it is advisable to read reviews from people who had previously used the limo you are about to hire. Go as far as talking directly to some of the previous users to get a true feedback from them if you can.

Discard add-on services you don’t need.

The most limo service company in Singapore charge for add-on services such as beverage services which you don’t necessarily need. Make a list of all add-on services you will not be utilizing during your trip and negotiate with the company to get rid of the unnecessary services.

There is no need to pay extra charges for what you don’t need.

In conclusion, ensure you have a good plan for your trip before making your choice Singapore Malaysia limo transfer. It is not that difficult to find Singapore Malaysia limo transfer that is true to their services, it all boils down to your proper planning.

Stretch Limousine Hire Singapore

You can get Stretch Limousines for your wedding or any other special event that you are planning to have. The cars are luxurious and fit for any type of big event including birthdays, weddings, get-togethers etc. Stretch Limousines are a sure way to blow your mind with the best experience of travel.

Limousines in Singapore offer a wide range of exclusive stretch Limousine services for anyone who desires a VIP treatment. Stretch Limousines are the most luxurious cars in town, and they have every service that you need and you would imagine.

A Stretch Limousine can be used for a variety of events such as:

  • Airport/hotel transfers
  • City cruise
  • VIP pickup
  • Birthday/ anniversary surprises
  • Weddings
  • Prom/bachelor/bachelorette nights
  • Photo shoots
  • Parties/joy fun rides

Why choose to travel with Stretch Limousine?

  • Comfortable ride- Enjoy a luxury ride to your hotel from the airport. Stretch Limousine provides you with the most comfortable, classy and smooth ride!
  • Special Occasion- Experience a special day for your weddings and anniversaries with our awesome Stretch Limousine
  • Professional Chauffeurs- Stretch limousine chauffeurs are best experienced and won’t disappoint you during your ride. They will make sure that you get to and from your destination safely and in a timely manner
  • Personal attention- Stretch limousine chauffeurs are hospitable and pledge to provide you with personal attention and VIP treatment, they strive hard to serve you well since the best customer service is the most important factor for us.
  • Affordable Rates- In Stretch limousine services, We make sure to keep our prices affordable and reasonable as we can, and provide our customers with vehicles of the highest quality
  • Classy- Stretch Limousine are so classy and it feels so honoured to travel in them, you need not to worry when you are travelling to your special occasions, be sure of a safe ride
  • Have the most incredible features- Availability of Free Wi-Fi whereby you can relax and communicate and still work on your way, also LCD TV as you can watch throughout your journey

Most social events are associated with a happy occasion. Whether it is a wedding or a private party, Stretch limousine Singapore will make it a memorable event. Events become even more joyful if you ride in a Stretch Limousine, since it is not something anyone would do on a daily basis. Book a stretch limousine in Singapore and make your event more colourful.

Known as the longest cars, Stretch Limos can accommodate several passengers or host a small party. It is the perfect choice when a Sedan car doesn’t have sufficient space. With a Stretch Limousine rental Singapore service, you don’t only rent a spacious multi-passenger car but also travel in style and are treated as a royal.

Stretch Limousine Rates

Airport to hotel transfer S$350 Nett per way (max of 40 minutes service)

Hotel/Home to Airport Transfer S$350 Nett per way (max of 40 min service)

1 hour: $350 Nett

2hours:$590 Nett

3hours: $818 Nett

4hours: $1046nett

5hours: $1246nett

6hours: $1446nett


8hours: $1782


  • Because of space constraint in the Stretch Limousine boot space, only 3 pieces of suitcases are allowed. A separate vehicle is required for carriage of the luggage, a fee of S$60 is payable for this service
  • A flat rate of S$100 midnight surcharge applies for services between 12 midnight to 6am

Making Stretch Limousine rental Singapore arrangements is not hard. You can do it online from the comfort of your own home. In order to make the right choice in terms of passenger accommodation, check how many adults each car fits, don’t forget to mention if you will have a luggage with you.

Airport Limo

If you are travelling to Singapore for business or pleasure, the easiest way to get around is to hire a private limousine. Limousines in Singapore can be used for transport from the airport to your hotel, sightseeing and for trips. There are uncountable advantages of seeking the services of Airport Limo Rental Singapore. A limousine services will take you from the airport to your chosen hotel. By hiring a limousine at the airport, you will not need to wait in line for a bus, taxi or rental car. You will greatly reduce the waiting time, and you will travel quickly.  With Airport Limo Rental Singapore, you will not be charged for parking, road tools or petrol since the fees will be included in the hire charge.

Once you land at the airport in Singapore, hire a luxurious limousine and you will have a great experience.

Airport Limo Rental Singapore Service Providers include:

  • Limo Taxi Cab
  • Limousine Cab
  • Maxi cab Booking
  • EzyLimo
  • Limo Maxi
  • Max Cab Singapore Limousine
  • Alex Limousine
  • Singapore Limousine

Why choose Limousine for travel?

  • You can choose from a high-end and elegant limousine fleet that includes luxury sedans, SUV, MPV
  • Professional and well-trained Chauffeurs
  • Free Cancellation
  • Completely air-conditioned
  • Complementary wait time
  • All- inclusive rates
  • You can get limousine transport in over 400+ airports in Singapore.


Professional drivers

With Airport Limo Rental Singapore, you can have a peace of mind as you choose to travel knowing that Limousine drivers are licensed, insured and regulated. You need not to worry at all during your travel.

Free Cancellation

Change of Plans? No Problem! In most companies offering limousine services, cancellations are free up until 1 hour before one- way rides or 24 hours before hourly bookings.

Complementary wait time

Take your time and relax. Airport pickups include 60 minutes of free wait time, and all other pickups include a free 15 minutes.

All-inclusive rates

There are no hidden charges with Limousine services. All taxes, tolls, are confirmed before bookings.

Types of Singapore Airport Limousine Services and Rates

  • 4 seater limo
  • 4 seater limocab
  • 4 seater limo taxi
  • 6 seater limo
  • 6 seater limocab
  • 6 seater limo taxi

Rates for the renting a Limousine in Singapore vary depending on the type of services required. In most cases, the rates are determined by the locations you need to visit and the time it will take. Whether to be used for attending a conference, corporate meeting, wedding event or receiving guests, you can get a quality Limousine car that will leave you a good memory.

Some of Airport Limousine Services include:

  • Airport Transfer Limo Service
  • Limousine Disposal Service
  • Arrival/Departure
  • Ferry Terminal Transfer
  • Private sightseeing tours
  • Corporate Meeting and events Transportation
  • Wedding Limo Service
  • Airport transfer
  • Airport Departure
  • Daily/ hourly Booking
  • Point- point Transfer
  • Staff and crew Transport

Available services:

You can get the following Limousine services at Singapore airports:

  • 1 or 2 way transfers- Available for trips to Singapore attractions, company events, Wedding etc.
  • Airport Transfers- Available for both departure and arrival. Arrival service comes with the basic pickup and also the premier meet and Greet service which is strongly recommended for first time travellers and corporate clients.
  • Hourly charter- this is ideal for tourists to explore the Lion City, Weddings and for the corporate client’s transportation to company meetings.

At Singapore airports, you can get professional Limousine services which will facilitate your movement from one point to another. These limousines normally come packaged with drinks, so you will be able to enjoy them as you travel. The limousine chauffeur are always well dressed, so you will not feel ashamed to move with them from point-to-point. The Airport Limo Rental Singapore have luxurious limousines which are available at affordable prices. Hire one and you will never regret.

Mercedes Cab Rental Singapore

Travelling in Singapore has been made easier and comfortable, thanks to Mercedes cab rental Singapore. If you are running some errands in the city don’t worry on how you will get to various destination(s) anymore. Mercedes Cab is the first of its kind to introduce the luxurious brand cab phenomenon in Singapore. Synonymous with prestige and power, the Mercedes cab delivers comfort of the highest order. Not only do the exterior design which is elegant catch your eyes the interior design makes these cabs stand out among other brands.  Comfortable leather seats for the passenger throughout a deeply relaxing and swift ride to their destination. With the Mercedes Cab, a cab ride is no longer just an ordinary journey but a premium experience full of comfort and satisfaction.

Mercedes cabs are pocket friendly, offering quality, trusted and reliable services. This is where you get the value of your money at the same meeting and reaching your destination in style.

Don’t be late for your meetings and appointments. Travel with Mercedes cabs allover Singapore and enjoy your journey.

Mercedes cab rental Singapore works round the clock to make sure you travel anywhere at any time of the day. The 24hour services makes it convenient for all trips.

Mercedes cabs offer a variety of Mercedes cars which have different specifications depending on your needs. This includes the model, class and passenger capacity.

Comfort of Mercedes cabs

Comfort of the highest order is what distinguishes Mercedes cab from any other brand of taxi in Singapore. Mercedes cabs are fitted with automatic climate control system or optional thermotronic luxury automatic climate control system, provides a pleasant atmosphere for the occupants, while the comfortable leather seats make for an extremely relaxing ride. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling for a business trip, official appointments, managers’ meetings, tourist trip, wedding party, birthday party: Mercedes cab will help you to reach your destination on time and in style and class.

Mercedes cabs are fitted with stereo music system which keeps you entertained throughout the journey. The interior is magnificent with a fine touch finish that gives you the feeling of a luxurious ride throughout your travelling. The dashboard is a state of the art with well fitted radio music system, driver assists while driving.

Seat comfort is something you won’t complain about when you use Mercedes car rental Singapore, these cabs are fitted with comfortable leather seats with an abundance of legroom, which enables the passengers to rest their legs comfortably.

Safety of Mercedes cabs

The beauty of travelling is arriving at your destination on time, happy, satisfied and been safe. While travelling with Mercedes cabs your safety is something which guaranteed. We have the best trained and professional chauffeurs you will meet. The cars are fitted with security devices like parking cameras and sensors, airbags fitted to protect the passengers in case of accident. The passenger and the driver is completely surrounded by airbags for safety. Fitted with side impact airbags for the front seats have been designed to protect the torso during a side impact collision. Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant’s heads in the event of a side collision or rollover. Knee airbags help to protect the occupant’s lower extremities from serious injury in the event of an accident, Seatbelt pretensioners used to automatically tighten seatbelts to place the occupant in the optimal seating position during a collision.

The doors have an automatic lock system and a central locking system which can be assessed from the drivers’ seat.

While travelling with Mercedes cabs you don’t need to worry about moving your luggage from the car to the hotel. The cab drivers will help you with your luggage.