Limo6 Singapore is a car rental company that offers different and amazing cars, our fleet is comprised of cars ranging from family sized sedans to high-end opulent luxury cars, the likes of which are Mercedes Maxi Cab, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes Limo Maxi Cab with wheel chair carrying service, Toyota Hiace and a Mercedes Viano. These commuting utility vans offer the utmost and dependable practicality. It offers all, but not the boring airport rental cars that people have grown to unlike these days. Whether it is commuting from a destination to the other or heading out for sightseeing, we’ve got you all covered from the beginning of the trip to the end. For all the individuals that are unable to walk or the elderly citizens that are bounded by their age to walk, we also provide Maxi cab service, with wheel chair carrying, so the whole process of is made just that more comfortable. These cars and vans offer a seating capacity of 2-13 passengers respectively.

Whether it is dropping off to business meeting in class of going for sightseeing with the whole family we’ve got what it takes to deliver on our promises and do the right by our customers. We’ve got an unmatchable fleet of cars that are just there to make the best out of your time and money. The cars we have are regularly looked after for their maintenance and are also serviced regularly, so we can assure our customers that our vehicles won’t break down on you at the most unexpected of the moments. For tourists we have got four locations at the Changi Airport .You can just show up at one of these four locations and be ready for a detour around the town. As stated, we have also got the wheelchair carrying facility for our elderly and disabled customers.

With that being said, one might wonder that, these rental services have to come with a hefty cost to break even? No, not particularly, we think of our customers before we think of ourselves. That’s why we’ve set the rates to be as affordable and economic without burning a hole through our customers’ pocket and keeping the profit margins to minimal as to say. We want our customers to become our potential customers and need them to think of us whenever they are in need of renting a car with above satisfactory experience and that’s the only reason why we are inclined to pull of this bold move. No one in the market have what it takes to offer these kinds of services.