Singapore Zoo Visit

Are you planning a trip to visit the Singapore zoo? Even if you spend the whole day at the zoo, you are definitely not going to see it all. There is need to have a plan on what to do at the zoo so that you will be satisfied at the end of your visit.

People are often not satisfied with their trip to the Singapore zoo simply because they missed out on certain things because of time. Here are some helpful tips to guide you to have a memorable visit to the zoo.

What to do and where to go to the Singapore Zoo

There are many exciting things to do at the Singapore Zoo as well as many lovely places to go; you need to have a list of the animals you would like to see at the zoo such that you just head straight there and enjoy your visit.

Animal Feeding

One exciting thing to do at the Singapore zoo is to see how happy the animals want to show off their faces when it is time for food as they look around for food. There is usually a live commentary by the zookeepers during this feeding time, and you get to ask questions about these animals and even get a chance to move closer to the non-threatening ones.

The Animal Show

You sure don’t want to miss the animal show on your visit to the zoo; it promises to be very interesting, educative and entertaining. You are unarguably going to be wow by the performance of these animals during the show.

You and your family will be well entertained, laugh, yell and be dazed by the show, don’t miss this for anything.

The Forest Kidzworld

Opened in October 2008 the Rainforest Kidzworld is the ideal for children and attracts children of all ages.  It offers numerous water sports and exciting activities to keep your children happy all through the visit to the zoo.

It is important to mention that the rainforest kidzworld is free for all as it already included in the entrance fees to the zoo, so no extra charges.

Where to eat at the zoo and how to get around

You have different places to eat at the zoo like the fast food at KFC and Pizzafari just outside the main entrance. If you want to eat local food or experience jungle breakfast with wildlife Ah Meng restaurant is the place for you. You need to know the food is expensive at the zoo though.

You can easily get around the zoo by foot or by tram ride which costs S$5 for adults and S$3 for children between 3-12 years old.

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