• Why should we use larger vehicle when we can spilt the group taking smaller cab

For Singapore big group tour, during the peak hours, taking two small cabs, the cost added up is about the same or more than our price. After a long tiring flight, we provide the most convenient and comfortable ride to the designated hotel or location.

  • Who do i notify when there is a sudden change in flight schedule?

With the flight details provided, our professional limousine drivers will monitor on yr flight schedule and the terminal landed.

  • Where to meetup after clearance of baggage?

Please refer to the website for details of pickup for each arrival terminal.

  • How to contact the driver at the airport?

For overseas phone number, please connect your phone with the wifi provided at the airport, and call us via whatsapp or wechat or line.

  • I wish to shop at the duty free or have a meal before i clear my baggage.

Please kindly assist by indicating in the remark column on the estimated time for the shopping to be done, or indicate the timing for pickup. Example: Please arrange 1 hour after flight landed for pickup. This will prevent unnecessary additional charges

  • Can we request for driver in accordance to the language spoken? **

Yes, please indicate in the remarks on the order form. Example: Malay speaking driver; cantonese speaking driver.

  • I am a visiting Singapore for the first time. Do i have to make full payment?

Yes, payment can be made via credit card.

  • My flight was delayed, will i be charged for the waiting time

There is a complimentary 45 minutes waiting grace period. It starts after the flight landed. This 45 minutes is sufficient for custom clearance as well as collection of luggages.

Should there be any unforseen circumstances: example: loss of luggages,which require more time, please kindly call us immediately.  

  • I am using mobile phone issued from the hotel as point of contact

Please do take note there is limited usage of hotel phone. It can make outgoing call and message, but our drivers are not able to contact or message through the same number.

  • What is the maximum load of passengers with luggages for the vehicle?

Please refer to the website for more information on the capacity of luggages and number of passengers for the different vehicles available.

  • Could i request change of the seating arrangement for the seven seater

Yes, please indicate you required a front facing seats for the seven seater capacity vehicle.

Do note: that is subject to availability.

  • What is the waiting time for the vehicle after booking confirmation?

Generally the waiting time is about 10-25 minutes. This depends on the traffic condition and also on the time of booking. Example: during morning peak hours(0700-0900) and evening peak hours(1700-2000), it will takes longer time. Please be rest assured, we will try our best to locate the closest available car for your booking.

  • I booked a 7 seater mercedes, but a 13 seater arrived for my pickup

If there is a situation, whereby no vehicle is available for your booking, we will arrange the next higher capacity for your booking at no extra cost. Unless there is a preference indicating that particular type of vehicle is required.

  • Issue for pickup point at basement carpark

Please understand due to height limitations,some basement carpark in condominium are not accessible.

  • There is location charge and midnight charge.

The two charges does not stack together. Location charge is applicable before the midnight timing. Generally, those areas are more far off. Drivers take more time to access to your booking due to the traffic.For midnight charge, the location charge will not be included.  

  • Are there any more additional charges after booking confirmation

No, there is no more additional charge.


  1. Request for additional stop

2) onboard travelling time cross over to midnight. The midnight charge will be applicable,

Which the driver will collect at the end of the trip.

3)  Additional request: example: additional child seat

4) Moving items-example house moving

  • Are there any additional charges for advance booking

There is no additional charges for advance booking. It helps to secure a vehicle for a trip especially during peak hours.

  • Difference between peak hours and peak period

Peak hours in Singapore is normally 0700-0900 in the morning; 1700-2000 in the evening. There will be congested traffic as people are either going to work in the morning and knocking off in the evening.

Peak periods is in the month of June, November, December. New Year; Chinese new year; Hari Raya(Malay new year).

  • Are child seats provided

They are only provided upon request. Additional charge applies.

  • Should I state that i am moving items or with pets

Yes, do indicate clearly, so we can try to arrange drivers suitable for the task. Please understand some drivers are allergic to animals fur or phobia to some animals.

For moving items, please advise on what items being moved. Some items maybe too long to fit in. With clearer details given, it will reduce your mis-understanding and frustrations.

  • I had make an advance booking, but i was being charged extra $10.

First, our drivers will not anyhow charge additional fee without approval.Example: advance booking is at 12 noon to airport. This is defined as 12 noon, our driver is helping  to load luggage onto the vehicle and move off in about 5 minutes.

Additional fee of $10 comes in, after they waited for 15 minutes later. This fee will add on. So waiting of 30 minutes will be $20.

  • Other drivers approach us while waiting for vehicle

Please ignore offer by other drivers. The driver assigned for the pickup is halfway to your pickup.