Marina Bay Sand

The Marina Bay Sands is another amazing place to visit in Singapore with a lot of exciting activities to participate in; it is a good place in Singapore to visit for tourists from all around the world. You can do and see everything modern and classy at the Marina Bay sands ranging from the trendy dining spot to lovely leisure destinations.

One of the biggest winners in the rapid development of the cosmopolitan city-state is the Marina Bay. The Marina Bay has become the de facto center of Singapore for tourists, having gone through a vast and epic transformation.

The beautiful and attractive resort is blessed with luxury accommodations, upscale shopping, and a large number of pools not forgetting the unparalleled view of the city among others.

Places to visit and what to do

The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

A great way to see the iconic Singapore skyline in all its majesty is via the Sands Skypark which is at the very top of the awesome three-pronged Marina Bay Sands complex. Entrance fee is about S$23 and S$12 for adults and kids respectively.

You can as well have the wonderful view like the one at the SkyPark from the luxurious Sky@57 restaurant located on the top floors of the Marina Bay Sands resort.

The ArtSCience Museum

The special things found inside most regular art and science museums are what attract visitors, but not so with the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The outstanding, mind-blowing architecture of the worthy of a look is what attracts most visitors.

The building is a unique lotus flower design which is endearing and lovely with exhibition subjected to regular change. The interior of the museum is amazing and beautiful boasting more than 20 gallery spaces hosting both creative and historical in Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands Casino

One of the Marina Bay Sands Hotels built in 2012 is the giant 15,000-square-meter casino boasting more than 500 gaming tables. You will also find 1,600 standard slot machines and a massive seven-ton chandelier making up more than 130,000 Swarovski crystals at the center of it all.

Not all visitor participate in but just to watch the huge betting action whereby some their holiday savings or win big especially in the poker and blackjack games. Some of the visitors, however, participate slightly by playing on of the cheap machines with so little just to have a bit of fun.

There are other exciting places to visit on the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and you will be intrigued all through your stay.

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