Best Wheelchair transport taxi, Wheelchair accessible service in Singapore

Limo6 offers affordable and cheap wheelchair transport in Singapore, It’s more than just a convenience – it’s a vital necessity for people with disabilities (PWDs) and older adults in wheelchairs bounded.


The safety and well-being of your loved one are our top priorities. We provide wheelchair passengers with a relaxing journey whether they are traveling to medical appointments, dialysis appointments, social functions, or recreational activities, arrive on time, and go to and from destinations in a timely manner.

What is a wheelchair Transport service in Singapore? 

wheel chair transport Singapore

This is a non-emergency comfort wheelchair taxi service that allows wheelchair user to travel between two locations without having to dismount. This is a taxi service provided by wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Additionally, the wheelchair is secured by 2 harnesses or wheelchair restraint locks.

Purposes of Wheelchair Transport Singapore 

Purposes of Wheelchair Transport Singapore

  • WHEELCHAIR AIRPORT TRANSFERS- Maxi Cab wheelchair accessible taxi service either depart or arrival from airport and cruise. London cab wheelchair can be arranged.
  • PRIVATE WHEELCHAIR TRANSPORT- comfort wheelchair taxi service for private events such as weddings, buy groceries, religious service, and institutions etc
  • TRANSPORT FOR WHEELCHAIR PATIENTS – in non-emergency cheap wheelchair transport service for aged, patient and disabled/ handicap to medical centre, rehab centre, nursing home.

Type of Wheelchair Transport Vehicle

Type of Wheelchair Transport Vehicle

What type of vehicles are used for wheelchair transport/ wheelchair taxi?

Our fleet consist of vehicles: Maxicab Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V-class or Toyota Hiace commuter

How does Wheelchair Transport work?

wheel chair transfer Singapore

During the journey, the wheelchair passager will remain seated in wheelchair. There is no dismounting or transferring to a seat. Wheelchairs are either lifted or pushed into vehicle, and the wheelchair user is belted up by using the wheelchair seat belt or one that is provided by the driver.  Wheelchairs are attached to restraints or straps to prevent them from moving while being transported  


There are two types of loading

  1. Rear loading. This method is suitable for passenger who is using a normal wheelchair. The passenger will be seated at the back of the Mercedes Viano, Toyota Hiace commuter. There will be enough seats for 4 more passengers. For motorised wheelchair, it will not be able to fit into the rear of the taxi.
  2. Side loading. This method is suitable for passenger who is using a normal wheelchair to motorised wheelchair. There will be enough seats for 4 more passengers.

Frequent Ask Question  

Is the wheelchair passager required to wear a safety belt?  

Yes. By 15 Oct 2021, wheelchair users must wear their own seat belts. In case they do not have an appropriate restraint belt, the driver will provide one. If the wheelchair user fails to do so, no refunds will be given.

Where will the wheelchair passenger be positioned in the vehicle?

Passengers will be positioned behind the front seats, which is known as a side load in the market. Caretaker or family patients will be seated with them. Only for the hydraulic ramp, it will be backloaded. Pls refer to the above “How does the wheelchair transport word section”? 

Is the wheelchair secured during transport?

Yes, we used belts to secure the wheelchair to the hook in the vehicle. 

Do all vehicles come with a hydraulic ramp?

No. Only the Toyota Hiace commuter is equipped with a hydraulic ramp. Other vehicles are equipped with a manual ramp. 

Please specify hydraulic ramp needed when booking, as vehicle may be limited.

What type of ramp is used?

Telescopic ramp which is two separate pieces; bifold ramp which is two pieces combined to one; front fold which is one-piece ramp.

Is the ramp able to sustain the weight?

The ramp can sustain a weight of up to 270 Kg (wheelchair and passager).

Non-electric wheelchair normally weight 6-28 Kg, while electric wheelchair weight 22-100kg. Kindly mention the weight of the electric wheelchair and passenger or any modification to the wheelchair when booking.

Are there medical services provided during transportation?

No, we only provide transport for wheelchair-bound passengers. For emergency cases, please call for an ambulance.

Are there cases whereby the wheelchair is not able to fit into the vehicle?

Yes, these are rare cases, like Tilt assist electric wheelchair with the height of the wheelchair is higher than the side door for sideloading. Passengers can only use backload. Patient with spinal injury, unable to tilt the head when loading through the side door.

How many family members can accompany?  

Mercedes Viano: 1 Wheelchair passager and 4 accompany caretaker/ family members. 

Toyota HiAce commuter: 1 Wheelchair passager and 7 accompany caretaker/ family members.


Passengers: 4Handphone Charger: Yes
LCD Screens: YesSmoking: No
On Board Wifi: YesBag Capacity: 2

Midnight surcharge: Additional $12 per trip or per hour for all limousine services(Time is 23:30 – 06:59)

Remote areas: Additional $10 for Jurong west; jalan bahar; Lim Chu kang; Choa Chua kang; Sembawang; Kranji; Admiralty road west; Jurong Island; changi air freight center

Additional $25 for Tuas area

Additional stop: >5km: $20

For peak season or peak hour, if there is shortage of vehicle, we might change to higher seating capacity with no extra cost.

Waiting time:

  • Complimentary 15 mins waiting time.
  • Additional waiting surcharge of SGD 10 for every 10 mins applies thereafter, capped at 20 mins.
  • For current booking, please kindly allow 10-15 minutes for the driver to reach
  • Vehicles are subject to availability
  • For arrival: Complimentary waiting time of up to 30 mins from confirmed flight landing time. Subsequent waiting time charges will be S$10 per 15 mins block, capped at 20 minutes.

Disclaimer: Vehicles are configured in accordance to driver preference.