Indonesia Travelling to Singapore

When in Singapore, be tension free for your entire travel commute. We at Limo6 Car Rentals make your journey well entertained, exciting and thrilling. You just take your time, sit back and relax as we are here to provide all pickups which also include complimentary wait time of over 60 minutes when there are flight delays at the airports, or even 15 minutes everywhere else. We provide the most proficient, value optimized and comfortable limo maxi cabs for your airport pickups where our chauffeurs are guided to use flight tracking in order to ensure their arrival before your flight lands.

Limo6 Car Rental Singapore is trust worthy and reliable with no hidden fees or extra rates for our leisure and business Indonesian travelers. We offer our complete package of point to point commute services will all inclusive rates. We just want our travelers to feel at ease with no hidden surprises with Limo6 Car rentals. Our affordable and all-inclusive rates cover all kinds of taxes, gratuities, fees and tolls. Our Indonesian clients should feel relax and enjoy their comfortable ride in our luxurious fully packed cars with all modern amenities.

Being in a new country you might face few challenges which include language barriers as the prime most concern. Our chauffeurs are highly professional and skilled with fluency in different languages. Travelers from Indonesia visiting Singapore may face meet and greet and communication challenges with other car rental services, however, Limo6 car rentals have chauffeurs with the capacity to speak more than 5 languages including English and Malay (Indonesian Official Language) to converse well with the Indonesian travelers.

We have a number of trusted professional chauffeurs working with us 24/7 that you can ride with full safety and tension free. Our drivers our fully licensed and they are also insured professional chauffeurs for the first and last miles of your destined journey. Others may charge extra service charges for ensuring the privacy of your schedule; however, we assure you complete safety with all your airport and hotel transfers. There is also possible of extra charges if a ride is cancelled, but we treat our clients as jewels, and understanding the fact they may be tired of traveling and therefore no cancellation charges are borne by the client for booking ride within the specific timeframe. Limo6 Car Rentals maxi cab Singapore also offers 24 hour booking service which none other can provide. So there is no time limit, if you skip booking your ride before catching your flight, you can still book it now online before your arrival at the airport.

Limo6 Car Rentals is the most authenticated limo service providers with cars fully equipped with modern GPS units, geo satellites systems for point to point minute to minute navigation ensuring accuracy of location and no wasting of time wandering on unknown routes and misunderstood ways. We also provide the facility of updating our travelers about the city norms, major landscapes, best places for shopping and eating. Come and ride with us and make your journey as easy and enjoyable as possible.