Airport Transfer Singapore

For clients visiting Singapore for the very first time, please do understand that there is 4 terminals in Changi airport. So, the information on the flight details provided is important. Our professional driver will be waiting at the belt area (where you collect your luggage).

For repeated clients who request for driveway pickup arrangement, please refer to the instructions and pics below:

Note: There are might be a change in arrival terminal, but our professional driver will monitor the flight schedule to ensure timely pickup.

For terminal 2:

Upon collecting the luggage, turn left and head towards the coach bay direction. There will be indicative sign: coach. There will be a McDonald’s outlet on the left. Exit through the glass door, that will be the meeting point.



For terminal 3:

Upon collecting of luggage, turn right and head towards the coach bay direction. There is a McDonald’s outlet on the left. Exit through the glass door, that will be the meeting point.



For terminal 4:

Upon collecting of luggage, turn left and head towards arrival pickup direction. It is also heading towards carpark 4a.


Mercedes Vito Viano V-class

The Mercedes Vito Viano V class is a comfortable car with enough space in the interior and well-cushioned chairs you can rely on for a comfortable trip. The car is ideal especially for a family tour of Singapore. You can as well count on the Mercedes Vito Viano V class for your corporate event or to transport your guests to your event like a wedding.

The car looks great on the outside and inside and offers a good taste of luxury, with Mercedes V class your trip is not just an ordinary trip but rather a classy one with a lot of excitement as you go.

Are you contemplating on hiring the Mercedes V class for your next trip to Singapore? These tips will help you decide and settle for this car.


If you are thinking of transporting as many as six to seven guests for a tour of Singapore or to your special or corporate event, the Mercedes V class is a perfect fit with enough seat to accommodate this number of guests conveniently.

You should rather than minibus hires the Mercedes V class to transfer your guests for the comfortable and luxury trip.


Mercedes V class is enhanced on higher trim levels with two head-on airbags as well as front side airbags as standard. Available as an option also is the front window airbags to keep passengers and the driver safe.

Also fitted as standard safety features are the ESP (electronic stability control), anti-lock braking system (ABS), and traction control system for good traction, electronic brakeforce distribution, and brake assist all in ensuring your safety. All the seats in the Viano have a three-point safety seatbelts with good belt tension and force limiter.

The hazard lights flash to notify other motorists that the driver is making an emergency braking manoeuver. The safety features of the car are pleasing and offer a safe drive to your destination.


The car is very spacious with enough leg room for every passenger to feel comfortable all through the drive. The seats are adjustable and have an adjustable head restraint also. You feel comfortable and relaxed as you drive to your destination.

The manufacturer of the Mercedes Viano believes their customers deserve the best regarding comfort, hence, the reason why the car is well built for good comfort.

You sure would want to hire the Viano for your subsequent trips after the first trial.

Airport Limo

If you are travelling to Singapore for business or pleasure, the easiest way to get around is to hire a private limousine. Limousines in Singapore can be used for transport from the airport to your hotel, sightseeing and for trips. There are uncountable advantages of seeking the services of Airport Limo Rental Singapore. A limousine services will take you from the airport to your chosen hotel. By hiring a limousine at the airport, you will not need to wait in line for a bus, taxi or rental car. You will greatly reduce the waiting time, and you will travel quickly.  With Airport Limo Rental Singapore, you will not be charged for parking, road tools or petrol since the fees will be included in the hire charge.

Once you land at the airport in Singapore, hire a luxurious limousine and you will have a great experience.

Airport Limo Rental Singapore Service Providers include:

  • Limo Taxi Cab
  • Limousine Cab
  • Maxi cab Booking
  • EzyLimo
  • Limo Maxi
  • Max Cab Singapore Limousine
  • Alex Limousine
  • Singapore Limousine

Why choose Limousine for travel?

  • You can choose from a high-end and elegant limousine fleet that includes luxury sedans, SUV, MPV
  • Professional and well-trained Chauffeurs
  • Free Cancellation
  • Completely air-conditioned
  • Complementary wait time
  • All- inclusive rates
  • You can get limousine transport in over 400+ airports in Singapore.


Professional drivers

With Airport Limo Rental Singapore, you can have a peace of mind as you choose to travel knowing that Limousine drivers are licensed, insured and regulated. You need not to worry at all during your travel.

Free Cancellation

Change of Plans? No Problem! In most companies offering limousine services, cancellations are free up until 1 hour before one- way rides or 24 hours before hourly bookings.

Complementary wait time

Take your time and relax. Airport pickups include 60 minutes of free wait time, and all other pickups include a free 15 minutes.

All-inclusive rates

There are no hidden charges with Limousine services. All taxes, tolls, are confirmed before bookings.

Types of Singapore Airport Limousine Services and Rates

  • 4 seater limo
  • 4 seater limocab
  • 4 seater limo taxi
  • 6 seater limo
  • 6 seater limocab
  • 6 seater limo taxi

Rates for the renting a Limousine in Singapore vary depending on the type of services required. In most cases, the rates are determined by the locations you need to visit and the time it will take. Whether to be used for attending a conference, corporate meeting, wedding event or receiving guests, you can get a quality Limousine car that will leave you a good memory.

Some of Airport Limousine Services include:

  • Airport Transfer Limo Service
  • Limousine Disposal Service
  • Arrival/Departure
  • Ferry Terminal Transfer
  • Private sightseeing tours
  • Corporate Meeting and events Transportation
  • Wedding Limo Service
  • Airport transfer
  • Airport Departure
  • Daily/ hourly Booking
  • Point- point Transfer
  • Staff and crew Transport

Available services:

You can get the following Limousine services at Singapore airports:

  • 1 or 2 way transfers- Available for trips to Singapore attractions, company events, Wedding etc.
  • Airport Transfers- Available for both departure and arrival. Arrival service comes with the basic pickup and also the premier meet and Greet service which is strongly recommended for first time travellers and corporate clients.
  • Hourly charter- this is ideal for tourists to explore the Lion City, Weddings and for the corporate client’s transportation to company meetings.

At Singapore airports, you can get professional Limousine services which will facilitate your movement from one point to another. These limousines normally come packaged with drinks, so you will be able to enjoy them as you travel. The limousine chauffeur are always well dressed, so you will not feel ashamed to move with them from point-to-point. The Airport Limo Rental Singapore have luxurious limousines which are available at affordable prices. Hire one and you will never regret.

Mercedes Cab Rental Singapore

Travelling in Singapore has been made easier and comfortable, thanks to Mercedes cab rental Singapore. If you are running some errands in the city don’t worry on how you will get to various destination(s) anymore. Mercedes Cab is the first of its kind to introduce the luxurious brand cab phenomenon in Singapore. Synonymous with prestige and power, the Mercedes cab delivers comfort of the highest order. Not only do the exterior design which is elegant catch your eyes the interior design makes these cabs stand out among other brands.  Comfortable leather seats for the passenger throughout a deeply relaxing and swift ride to their destination. With the Mercedes Cab, a cab ride is no longer just an ordinary journey but a premium experience full of comfort and satisfaction.

Mercedes cabs are pocket friendly, offering quality, trusted and reliable services. This is where you get the value of your money at the same meeting and reaching your destination in style.

Don’t be late for your meetings and appointments. Travel with Mercedes cabs allover Singapore and enjoy your journey.

Mercedes cab rental Singapore works round the clock to make sure you travel anywhere at any time of the day. The 24hour services makes it convenient for all trips.

Mercedes cabs offer a variety of Mercedes cars which have different specifications depending on your needs. This includes the model, class and passenger capacity.

Comfort of Mercedes cabs

Comfort of the highest order is what distinguishes Mercedes cab from any other brand of taxi in Singapore. Mercedes cabs are fitted with automatic climate control system or optional thermotronic luxury automatic climate control system, provides a pleasant atmosphere for the occupants, while the comfortable leather seats make for an extremely relaxing ride. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling for a business trip, official appointments, managers’ meetings, tourist trip, wedding party, birthday party: Mercedes cab will help you to reach your destination on time and in style and class.

Mercedes cabs are fitted with stereo music system which keeps you entertained throughout the journey. The interior is magnificent with a fine touch finish that gives you the feeling of a luxurious ride throughout your travelling. The dashboard is a state of the art with well fitted radio music system, driver assists while driving.

Seat comfort is something you won’t complain about when you use Mercedes car rental Singapore, these cabs are fitted with comfortable leather seats with an abundance of legroom, which enables the passengers to rest their legs comfortably.

Safety of Mercedes cabs

The beauty of travelling is arriving at your destination on time, happy, satisfied and been safe. While travelling with Mercedes cabs your safety is something which guaranteed. We have the best trained and professional chauffeurs you will meet. The cars are fitted with security devices like parking cameras and sensors, airbags fitted to protect the passengers in case of accident. The passenger and the driver is completely surrounded by airbags for safety. Fitted with side impact airbags for the front seats have been designed to protect the torso during a side impact collision. Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant’s heads in the event of a side collision or rollover. Knee airbags help to protect the occupant’s lower extremities from serious injury in the event of an accident, Seatbelt pretensioners used to automatically tighten seatbelts to place the occupant in the optimal seating position during a collision.

The doors have an automatic lock system and a central locking system which can be assessed from the drivers’ seat.

While travelling with Mercedes cabs you don’t need to worry about moving your luggage from the car to the hotel. The cab drivers will help you with your luggage.

Jaguar XJ Rental Singapore

Have you wished to travel in a Jaguar car? Come to Singapore and enjoy a ride in the modern Jaguar XJ. If you are already in Singapore, with Jaguar XJ Singapore, you can get hire the luxurious Jaguar XJ and travel in it. You can hire the car at an affordable price so as to save your pocket. The car has a very nice interior fixed with leather covered seats.

If you are planning for an event in Singapore, this is the best car for you to attend it in. May it be a wedding party, the Jaguar XJ car will help you make the event a memorable one. With Jaguar XJ Singapore, you can surprise your partner on the wedding day with a nice car with a seductive look. The Jaguar XJ is a combination of beauty, luxury and power. It is the best car for your birthday celebration. If you enjoy driving, this car will give you a refreshing and dynamic driving experience.

With Jaguar XJ Singapore, you will get a nice car with nice passenger cabin, build for relaxing and stretching. It has a state-of-the-art Touch Pro System improved by the inside and outside enhancements.

Features of the Jaguar XJ:

Exterior Design

Jaguar XJ has been rigorously optimized for aerodynamic efficiency and stability. It cuts through the air-reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. Every element exploits the exterior’s maximum aerodynamic potential while preserving Jaguar XE’s stunning proportions.

Jaguar XJ Front Design

The sculpted bonnet sweeps back from distinctive headlights, channeling air over and around the body and minimizing air resistance. Jaguar XJ is very fast and ready to pounce.

Jaguar XE SIDE

Aerodynamically honed to sweep air seamlessly to the tail. The rising Waistline gives it a sense of dynamism, even when stationary. Chrome side vents, stamped with the Jaguar name, deliberately allude to F-TYPE, making it the best car for an event such as wedding.

Powered Gesture Boot Lid Jaguar XJ

Powered Gesture Boot Lid for Jaguar XJ enables the driver to operate the boot from the carbide without the need to touch the vehicle key. Simply gently present your foot under one of the car’s rear corners and the boot lid opens or closes. This will make it easy for you if you will be carrying a load such as a suitcase when travelling.

Electronic Power Assisted Steering

Jaguar XJ Singapore will help you travel in this car with electronic power assisted steering which will give you a fine control at speed and comprehensive assistance.

Lightweight Aluminum Architecture

Saving weight without compromising durability, Jaguar XE’s immensely strong lightweight Aluminum architecture helps achieve optimum weight distribution

All Jaguar XJ cars are subject to through checks and inspections to ensure they are operating well. This is done by qualified technicians so as to ensure quality services are provided. Due to this, you can have peace of mind when hiring and driving a Jaguar XJ.

If you don’t want to drive yourself, you will get a good driver. With Jaguar XJ Singapore, you can get a well-trained and professional driver who will drive you to and from events, hotels, parks and many other places. The drivers are hospitable and ready to adhere to your instructions. You can also send the driver to pick or buy some stuff when you are engaged. With Jaguar XJ Singapore, you will get the best services ever and you will never regret.

Jaguar XJ Singapore services are offered at an affordable cost. The pay is determined by the length of period of hiring the Jaguar XJ as well as other services that you may need. Of course, if you will want to hire a driver, you will have to pay for it. Choose Jaguar XJ Singapore for best, quality and affordable services.

Limousine Service Singapore

Visiting Singapore for professional or personal purposes? You never have to be worried about transportation ? anymore because OkGo offers you the royal style of traveling in its limousine. The tourism and business hub of Asia is one of the most visiting countries in the world. If you are also one of those visitors, then okgo will not be leaving you alone as you can hire our vehicles any day, any time and turn out your journey into an unforgettable experience.

We are one of the pioneer transportation services in Singapore which is in high regard due to its quality service and professionalism. The round the clock 24/7 limousine service is charged on an hourly basis with the trained chauffeur.

The limousine service could be availed for city tour, parties, hotels or even for the wedding functions in Singapore.

okgo has got a wide range of limousine for its clients who can book their desired vehicle for airport transfers or for tourism purposes. The limousine services come up with the insurance that is essential for the security of our clients.

The skilled and experienced drivers of okgo are absolutely focused on their tasks while ensuring about reaching your destination on exact time.

This luxury limousine service can be availed on distinctive packages as per your budget.

– okgo never charge you out of the league instead all the rates are charged as per hour.
– You get no hidden charges at okgo on your bookings.
– All the drivers hired by okgo are absolutely competent and licensed to drive in Singapore.
– Upon cancellation on appropriate before time, you are charged nothing.
– The drivers wait for the clients to the airport for up to 60 minutes.
– Our expert drivers track your flight details and make sure about being on time.
– We have all the charges presented to the clients in written form even including taxation.

Hourly Limo with okgo
The limousine can be hired on an hourly basis or for the pick and drop. Either you are going out for the shopping or to the conference; the okgo Limos are just a call away. The chauffeur drives you in a secured and swift environment around Singapore. You do not have to face the language barrier as all of our drivers are properly enlightened with the English language.

Airport transfers on Limo
okgo presents you with its airport transfer service on the Limo. You just have to make a booking online and the driver will be present there to pick you up from the airport. Do not forget to mention all the details like a number of people, flight name and timings along with any special requirements that you want from the company.
okgo believes in transparency, thus, we calculate and charge the single amount to the clients and do not charge anything extra for its Limo service.
okgo is the most reliable name in the transportation sector of Singapore that is proposing top notch limousine service.

Rolls Royce Hire Singapore

Do you live in Singapore or travelling to Singapore? You don’t need to worry anymore about your travelling means rent Rolls Royce Singapore and experience true class and style at an affordable and competitive rates. Rolls Royce, the car that guarantees you excellent comfort and luxury. This high-performance, ultra-luxury vehicle is the perfect chance for experiencing a first class driving experience while only paying economy price. Perfect for weddings, important business trips, and for a special occasion like video shooting, birthday parties.

With rent Rolls Royce Singapore you get to enjoy the value of your money at the same time enjoy the luxurious interior, speed, safety and comfort.

Rent Rolls Royce Singapore and enjoy services which range from self-drive and chauffer driven options. Drivers are highly trained to provide competent services to clients.


Rolls Royce is designed to enable its aerodynamic efficiency and stability. Its shape enables it reduce air resistance when cruising at higher speed ensuring stability and safety of the car. The luxurious Rolls-Royce is the epitome of style and grace, but its exterior is not the only exceptional thing about this vehicle.

The interior design is fitted with Rolls-Royce’s signature rear doors hinged at the back, open wide for easy access into a cabin that is truly fit for a king. Electrically operated doors with the touch of a button which enables the chauffer to do it from the outside as well. Automatic air conditioner depending on the weather.

Seat comfort is something you won’t complain about when you rent Rolls Royce Singapore, the car is fitted with comfortable leather seats with an abundance of legroom, where at some point you can sit with your legs fully stretched-out. You sit nice and high in the luxurious rear seats, which can be comfortably reclined. The sofa-like seats will heat or cool your backside and even massage you. The steering electrically powered to enable easy maneuvering when at high speed.

While travelling in Rolls Royce, your entertainment is guaranteed with well and nice fitted small table and individual entertainment screens flip down with press of an easily accessible button, stereo screens and speakers fitted on the side of seats.

Rolls Royce has a limited top speed of 155 miles per hour which is equivalent to 250 kilometers per hour with an acceleration rate of 0-97 km/h in 6 seconds. It has an automatic transmission turbocharged, direct injected engine, which is fueled by petrol. For top speed the car has a cruise control which enables the driver/chauffer drive at a consistent speed.



Whilst ensuring you look fantastic, Rolls Royce is also incredibly safe with a number of features that guarantee you and your passengers are well protected.


The passenger and the driver is completely surrounded by airbags for safety. It comes with Side impact airbags for the front seats have been designed to protect the torso during a side impact collision. Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant’s heads in the event of a side collision or rollover. Knee airbags help to protect the occupant’s lower extremities from serious injury in the event of an accident.


Seatbelt pretensioners used to automatically tighten seatbelts to place the occupant in the optimal seating position during a collision.

Parking sensors

small cameras installed in the front bumper, as well as side cameras to give you clear views of the road in either direction when you exit a junction. A top view camera also helps to make parking and reversing simple.

Driver assists

Roll Royce cars are equipped with Night Vision which uses an infrared camera, mounted in the Rolls Royce iconic grille, to detect people and animals up to a distance of 100 meters. As soon as the system registers a pedestrian or animal in the hazard area, a visual warning for the driver is shown in the Control Display. With acute warning, an acoustic signal is given and the brakes are primed to ensure the shortest possible stopping distance. It also comes with lane assist and lane departure warning system. It come with satellite guided transmission and it prepares itself for upcoming turns and expressway on-ramps accordingly.

Rent rolls Royce Singapore and experience the best comfort and luxurious services.