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School Excursion Transport Charter Singapore

There are different types of transport for different purposes and occasion and each with different capacities depending on the number of people to be transported. The most comfortable and pocket-friendly means of transportation either for tours, business trips or school excursion is by taking a bus.

There are so many car hire companies where you can rent a bus to transport kids for a school excursion, each with different policies and prices.

It is important while looking to hire a bus for school excursion to consider a company that prioritizes on the safety and comfortability of their passengers.


Safety first many people often say, safety is often the main concern of people when considering a means of transportation. Parents of school kids always want to be sure their kids are safe before allowing them to embark on a schools excursion.

Safety should be the priority of a good transport charter company, it is, therefore, important to have a good knowledge the company’s safety policy before hiring from them.  It is also important to check the safety rating of a bus before hiring it; you get it from some national and state organizations.


No doubt, it is important to consider the comfortability of school kids you are taking on an excursion to make their trip memorable and worthwhile. Some of these buses are pretty much spacious such that kids have enough space to stretch their legs this is ideal for a school excursion.

A bus to convey students for excursion should boast of well-cushioned adjustable chairs to suit the comfortability of each passenger. It is important while thinking safety to think comfort too.


A different bus with different capacity, it is important to put into consideration capacity for comfort and safety of your school students when planning an excursion. Different capacity buses are ranging from ten seaters, 19 seaters, and 40 seaters and so on.

You don’t want to hire a 19 seater bus for over 30 students; you need to let them know the number of people you’re transporting for them to recommend a suitable capacity bus for your trip.

Conclusively, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the bus you are hiring, ask questions like how often do they service their buses, maintenance is very important. It is also highly recommended to read reviews from previous users of the bus you want to hire; you can get the reviews from the company’s website if not, don’t hesitate to ask.

Corporate Events Transport

For every events or occasion, there are different types of transportation, ranging from buses to cars to Sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Finding the right transport for your corporate events can pose to be sometimes challenging, it is, however, not as difficult as it seems.

There are certain factors you need to consider when hiring transport for your corporate event in Singapore. You sure would want to give those you’re transporting to the event a befitting transport.

Depending on the caliber of people of people you want to transport as well as their number, some of the transport you can consider are; Limo, SUVs, and luxurious buses among others. Before hiring a bus or Limo as the case maybe consider the following factors.


More than any other thing safety should be your top priority when hiring transport in Singapore. Even people you want to transport are often curious about their safety as they journey down to the corporate event center.

Before hiring from any transport charter company you need to know their safety policy, how important is safety to them and what are the safety measures they have in place for their customers? It is a good idea also to know the safety rating of the transport you want to hire.


Maintenance is no doubt pertinent to safety; a well-maintained transport would rarely develop a mechanical fault when in use. It is essential to know about the maintenance routine of the transport charter company.

Do they maintain their fleets regularly or only when they are not in good shape. It is also embarrassing and not ideal to hire charter transport that would break down along the way, hence, the need to ensure it is regularly maintained and in good shape before you hire.


As much as it is important to think safety, it is as well essential to think comfort. Your corporate event attendees deserve the best regarding transportation; you need to ensure you check out how comfortable transport is before hiring.

Some transports have well-cushioned and adjustable chairs and are also fortified with seatbelts for safety.

In conclusion, it is ideal you check online for reviews from people who had previously used the transport you are about to hire, this will give you an idea of what to will get from the transport. In a situation whereby you couldn’t get reviews online, you can always ask the transport charter company.

Events Transport

Are you planning an event? Don’t even dare overlook transport for your event, let it be an important part of your planning so that you can have a successful event at the end. There are quite a lot to choose from regarding transport; it, however, depends on the event itself.

Is it a tour, an excursion or a corporate event, all events having different transport suitable for them in Singapore? Your choice of transport for an event also depends greatly on the number people you intend transporting; you don’t want to squeeze 20 people in a 15 seater bus.

You also need to consider the class of people you are transporting to your event before you hire transport, you would want to make your business associate happy transporting such to the event.

Here are helpful tips to consider before you hire transport for an event in Singapore.

Type of Event

Before hiring transport from a transport charter company it is advisable, you explain the type of event for which you need the transport; this will allow them to suggest the best suitable transport for you. There are different transports you can hire for different events.

For instance, the best transport suitable for school excursion is unarguably bus. For executive events, you may need an SUV car.


Before hiring transport for your event, check in with a good transport charter company that is strongly concerned with the safety of its users. For every transport hire company safety should be the placed above all other things.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the company’s safety policy and be sure you can trust them. Every car has a safety rating; you need to verify the safety rating of the transport you want to hire.


Comfort is essential when hiring transport for your event since no one wants to come back from an event with aches in their body. People you are transporting needs to be as comfortable as possible.

A good convenient transport should have well-cushioned chairs that passengers can adjust to their comfortable position. Consider hiring transport with a good spacing such that passengers can stretch their legs freely to be comfortable.

Conclusively, your choice of transport can make or mar your event, and this is why you need to choose your transport carefully. It is ideal to read reviews about the services your chosen transport company have offered previously.

Singapore Malaysia Transfer

Are you planning a limo transfer from Singapore to Malaysia? If your answer is yes, you will find this article helpful to a hitch-free limo trip from Singapore to Malaysia. It could be a difficult task to travel from Singapore to Malaysia by limo without proper planning.

When planning a Singapore to Malaysia limo transfer, it is important to search for the different transport hire company in the country to get the best regarding cost, comfortability, safety, and services.

The first thing to do is to decide on the one that best suits what you want not disregarding the rest, take your time to go to the car hire company for a physical confirmation of what you have read about them online.

Do not hesitate to ask a question about what you want for your guests on a transfer from Singapore to Malaysia using a limo. Few things you need to ask include; the best seaters for the number of your guests, the usual limo drive time from Singapore to Malaysia.

Before leaving ensure the limo’s petrol tank is 3/4 (three-quarters) full before you leave Singapore because this is a law and you can be fined if you disobey. Do not forget to have your passport with you, irrespective of your nationality, remember you are entering a foreign land.

As much as your passport, your ID is also important because security at the toll gates would want to identify you and verify your status. It is also important that your driver sticks to the driving limit of Malaysia once in the country. The speed limit in Malaysia is 110km/h.

There are few stops along the Singapore-Malaysia road which is a long straight road; you can have good refreshments, out of Singapore at about 70km mark is Machap R&R where you can grab few things to eat.

Few other refreshment stops exist from the Machap R&R until Pagoh; you might also want to refresh yourself after quite a long journey. You will need to get a toll card which you could get for few dollars around RM30 for immigration clearance tools booths. The toll card also allows you to use the ‘touch ‘n’ go’ automatic lanes at each toll gate.

There are different seaters limo to convey different numbers of guests, for instance, there is the four-seater limo, five-seater limo and six seater limo that can convey four, five and six guests respectively. It is important also to know the usual drive time from Singapore to Malaysia by limo varies with average speed.

The drive time at an average speed of 80km/h is about 04hrs 37 minutes, 03hrs 17 minutes and 03hrs 04 minutes at an average speed of 112km/h and 120km/h respectively.