Top Spots for nature lovers in Singapore

Reality is sometimes unbearable, our shimmering lives are not paying enough to stable the mind and calm down negativity. The flow of abrupt thoughts is increasing as the routine combustions and the unknown race is making our heart beat faster. As the heart pounds with anxiety, it leaves a dull mind. No one wants to end up with anxiety, depression or other stress. So, it is necessary for us to take a trip to natural places. Refreshing greenery can give a relaxing mind for a long period of time.

You can plan your corporate trip, a family gathering, a wedding party or a general hang out with friends. Book your limo, ride down to any of your favorite places and enjoy the thrill of life. Live every little moment, capture some memories and have an amazing Instagram gallery.

Top 5 Scenic nature spots of Singapore

Escape the routine and indulges yourself into lush greenery of Singapore. Asian countries are considered behind in terms of science and technology but you can never compare the natural beauty they offer. Singapore is also one of the countries that are attracting tourists to visit the place. If you’re a foreigner working up there or want to plan any special occasion, then what is better than a one day trip? There are some for the stunning places that you must visit and plan your journey with family or friends.

·        Eco-Link @ BKE

This is a new bridge that links Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. You can find some amazing wildlife of Singapore over there. There are more than 3000 types of native plants growing at the land. The beauty is mesmerizing and refreshing for the mind. Guided tours are offered and trekking is the whole fun part of this. Plan it with your crazy friends and let the bond grow stronger through a wildlife adventure.

·        Coney Island

The offshore nature that is comprising 80 species of birds in it. This island leads to the beach and the path is usually guided by the tour guide. It has an amazing environment and you can say that Singapore has taken care of wildlife and climate in an appropriate way. Enjoy your leisure time at the beach. Also, it is a haven for photographers and artists can get a great chance to get inspired and build a fantastic portfolio.

·        MacRitchie Reservoir

One of the most popular reserves in Singapore. Let your feet tap on the rhythm of adventure and feel the calmness in the air. This place has something incredible to get inspiration from it. Embark a hiking challenge, go for the walk and let the breeze relax your mind and pass some very positive vibes to your heart. You will forget business, routine and all the d=stress with the mild touch of peace and calm environment.

·        Sisters’ Island

A marine park that is also comprising some rare species. It is home for these species and that is the main attraction for visitors. Researchers, students and explores will fall in love with the place. If you take a guided tour, you will get some valuable piece of information. Divers start their practice, they get training and learn diving from the experts. You can be the one too.

·        Botanic gardens

The Singapore botanic gardens are included in the list of UNESCO world heritage and it is an amazing spot to plan picnics, long walks or fun gathering. Children, families, and friends are entertained in the best manner. So, don’t miss your chance for a picnic.

These places are also ideal for honeymoon couples but you should be adventurous. Moreover, it is something to be worth traveling. Forget about the work and enjoy leisure time with your crazy friends or cool family members. We all need a break and nature spots are an amazing choice to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. Capture all these moments and cherish them for the rest of your life. A mesmerizing beauty and the wildlife of Singapore is calling your inner explorer. Awake the artists inside you and make this trip a most memorable adventure for the year. Don’t waste another second and book for the trip to any of these spots now.