Singapore Malaysia Transfer

Are you planning a limo transfer from Singapore to Malaysia? If your answer is yes, you will find this article helpful to a hitch-free limo trip from Singapore to Malaysia. It could be a difficult task to travel from Singapore to Malaysia by limo without proper planning.

When planning a Singapore to Malaysia limo transfer, it is important to search for the different transport hire company in the country to get the best regarding cost, comfortability, safety, and services.

The first thing to do is to decide on the one that best suits what you want not disregarding the rest, take your time to go to the car hire company for a physical confirmation of what you have read about them online.

Do not hesitate to ask a question about what you want for your guests on a transfer from Singapore to Malaysia using a limo. Few things you need to ask include; the best seaters for the number of your guests, the usual limo drive time from Singapore to Malaysia.

Before leaving ensure the limo’s petrol tank is 3/4 (three-quarters) full before you leave Singapore because this is a law and you can be fined if you disobey. Do not forget to have your passport with you, irrespective of your nationality, remember you are entering a foreign land.

As much as your passport, your ID is also important because security at the toll gates would want to identify you and verify your status. It is also important that your driver sticks to the driving limit of Malaysia once in the country. The speed limit in Malaysia is 110km/h.

There are few stops along the Singapore-Malaysia road which is a long straight road; you can have good refreshments, out of Singapore at about 70km mark is Machap R&R where you can grab few things to eat.

Few other refreshment stops exist from the Machap R&R until Pagoh; you might also want to refresh yourself after quite a long journey. You will need to get a toll card which you could get for few dollars around RM30 for immigration clearance tools booths. The toll card also allows you to use the ‘touch ‘n’ go’ automatic lanes at each toll gate.

There are different seaters limo to convey different numbers of guests, for instance, there is the four-seater limo, five-seater limo and six seater limo that can convey four, five and six guests respectively. It is important also to know the usual drive time from Singapore to Malaysia by limo varies with average speed.

The drive time at an average speed of 80km/h is about 04hrs 37 minutes, 03hrs 17 minutes and 03hrs 04 minutes at an average speed of 112km/h and 120km/h respectively.

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