School Excursion Transport Charter Singapore

There are different types of transport for different purposes and occasion and each with different capacities depending on the number of people to be transported. The most comfortable and pocket-friendly means of transportation either for tours, business trips or school excursion is by taking a bus.

There are so many car hire companies where you can rent a bus to transport kids for a school excursion, each with different policies and prices.

It is important while looking to hire a bus for school excursion to consider a company that prioritizes on the safety and comfortability of their passengers.


Safety first many people often say, safety is often the main concern of people when considering a means of transportation. Parents of school kids always want to be sure their kids are safe before allowing them to embark on a schools excursion.

Safety should be the priority of a good transport charter company, it is, therefore, important to have a good knowledge the company’s safety policy before hiring from them.  It is also important to check the safety rating of a bus before hiring it; you get it from some national and state organizations.


No doubt, it is important to consider the comfortability of school kids you are taking on an excursion to make their trip memorable and worthwhile. Some of these buses are pretty much spacious such that kids have enough space to stretch their legs this is ideal for a school excursion.

A bus to convey students for excursion should boast of well-cushioned adjustable chairs to suit the comfortability of each passenger. It is important while thinking safety to think comfort too.


A different bus with different capacity, it is important to put into consideration capacity for comfort and safety of your school students when planning an excursion. Different capacity buses are ranging from ten seaters, 19 seaters, and 40 seaters and so on.

You don’t want to hire a 19 seater bus for over 30 students; you need to let them know the number of people you’re transporting for them to recommend a suitable capacity bus for your trip.

Conclusively, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the bus you are hiring, ask questions like how often do they service their buses, maintenance is very important. It is also highly recommended to read reviews from previous users of the bus you want to hire; you can get the reviews from the company’s website if not, don’t hesitate to ask.

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