Romantic Places to Visit in Singapore for Your Honeymoon

What is the idea of perfect date? The answer of this question varies as per the demand of woman you are dating. Gentleman, it is hard to read the mind of a woman because most of the woman are unpredictable. At the same time, it is your chance to impress her and take your relationship further with love and affection. Spending a quality time at an amazing place with the insightful view of surroundings is incomparable. Couples are tend to enjoy the less-crowded and a peaceful place rather than indulging in a crowd of people.

However, if you have any plans for visiting Singapore or you’re already living there. There are the places that go perfect with the perfect idea of date in Singapore. Never miss any chance to show some love and affection towards your partner, after all, they are the ones that stand beside when life gets harder and they deserve all the love from you.

8 Places to Plan Romantic Hours with Your Partner

Some of the mind-blowing attractions in Singapore give amazing couple vibes. So, in this busy world, be the one that value time and spend it with your precious one.  Enjoy the list!

1.      Changi Point Costal Walk

Enchanting view of the heritage trees and lush greenery. Enjoy a romantic walk with your significant other, while holding each other’s hand. You will feel love in the air by looking at the stunning view of sunset. Well, for the tour you can book a limo service too, call and tell your pick-up to get an amazing ride to your desired destination.

2.      Bukit Batok town Park

This place is famous among wedding photographers but a heaven for couples. The calm and peace in the environment is like a blessing. Enjoy the charm of the place and let it be the most cherished moment for you two.

3.      Singapore River

Cruise down at the River. It is another way to shower love on your better half. You can plan your honeymoon trip the bay and enjoy the lovely moments. Celebrate your relationship like never before.

4.      Jewel Box

It is the prefect idea for an amazing date. Enjoy the cable car ride and reserve a dinner at jewel box. Experience the spectacular view of the city from top. Basically, its selfie time with the city!

5.      Light & water show at the Marina Bay Sands

Avail the chance of the slow stroll around the Marina bay while admiring a 360 view of the city. It is the most romantic place in Singapore. Experience the emotion of the destination and you will cherish it for the rest of life.

6.      Beaches of Santosa

Relaxed mornings, water sports, park and luxurious spa. What else you want on your date or honeymoon? Isn’t it fabulous to get the all fun, thrill and relaxing environment at one place? So, don’t miss your chance of exploring the peaceful beaches of Santosa because they are the best example of adoration.

7.      Botanic Gardens

Make your way to the national orchid garden and discover the enchanting collection of 2000+ orchids. Many companies offer a limo ride to the gardens and you can spend the most memorable day and stroll the lush green beauty of Singapore.

8.      St Jhon’s Island

Islands are meant to be peaceful and the vibes you get through it are amazing. Don’t make your couple activities about the city life and busy work routine. Get away from the life hassles and spend a day playing with dolphins at St Jhon’s Island.

The way our routines keep hitting us, we all need some time to water our relations in best possible way. The mentioned list is about some famous honeymoon destinations in Singapore. They have nearby restaurants and some best hotels of the city. At the end, it is all about the experience, quality and memorable time. So, give yourself a chance to get away from all the hustles bustle of life. These places are worth travelling and the best part is that you can book an amazing limo service in Singapore for your tours with limo6.