Mercedes Vito Viano V-class

The Mercedes Vito Viano V class is a comfortable car with enough space in the interior and well-cushioned chairs you can rely on for a comfortable trip. The car is ideal especially for a family tour of Singapore. You can as well count on the Mercedes Vito Viano V class for your corporate event or to transport your guests to your event like a wedding.

The car looks great on the outside and inside and offers a good taste of luxury, with Mercedes V class your trip is not just an ordinary trip but rather a classy one with a lot of excitement as you go.

Are you contemplating on hiring the Mercedes V class for your next trip to Singapore? These tips will help you decide and settle for this car.


If you are thinking of transporting as many as six to seven guests for a tour of Singapore or to your special or corporate event, the Mercedes V class is a perfect fit with enough seat to accommodate this number of guests conveniently.

You should rather than minibus hires the Mercedes V class to transfer your guests for the comfortable and luxury trip.


Mercedes V class is enhanced on higher trim levels with two head-on airbags as well as front side airbags as standard. Available as an option also is the front window airbags to keep passengers and the driver safe.

Also fitted as standard safety features are the ESP (electronic stability control), anti-lock braking system (ABS), and traction control system for good traction, electronic brakeforce distribution, and brake assist all in ensuring your safety. All the seats in the Viano have a three-point safety seatbelts with good belt tension and force limiter.

The hazard lights flash to notify other motorists that the driver is making an emergency braking manoeuver. The safety features of the car are pleasing and offer a safe drive to your destination.


The car is very spacious with enough leg room for every passenger to feel comfortable all through the drive. The seats are adjustable and have an adjustable head restraint also. You feel comfortable and relaxed as you drive to your destination.

The manufacturer of the Mercedes Viano believes their customers deserve the best regarding comfort, hence, the reason why the car is well built for good comfort.

You sure would want to hire the Viano for your subsequent trips after the first trial.

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