Mercedes Cab Limousine Singapore

Mercedes cab limousine set the pace for luxury brand taxi transport in Singapore and has since remained at the top of the game. The cab is a combination of both power and prestige and offers one of the best regarding comfort; it is one of a kind.

The Mercedes cab limousine has comfortable leather chairs for both the driver and the passengers to have a relaxed trip to their destination. Taxi trip turned out not to be an ordinary trip but rather a cool and luxurious trip with Mercedes limo cab in Singapore; it promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Safety on Mercedes cab limousine

The Mercedes cab limo is highly fortified with improved seatbelts to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers alike. The car also comes with a first class standard airbags to ensure everyone in the car has a peace of mind and enjoys their drive to their destinations.

It is safe to drive in the Mercedes cab, having been built with good and highly durable body support and firm passenger safety compartment which is thoroughly tested during the construction phase. Safety is not something to be worried about in the cab.

Comfort in Mercedes Cab

Just like every other Mercedes car, the Mercedes cab is very comfortable with well-cushioned leather seats you can have a convenient hitch-free trip. The Mercedes cab offers a deeply relaxed trip to your destination.

The seatbelts are improved and comfortable to use too, the cab is quite spacious allowing four people to be at ease all through the trip in Singapore. It also has state-of-the-art automatic thermotronic climate control that offers a pleasant atmosphere for passengers.

Environmental Friendly

The Mercedes cab is an environmental friendly running on a bivalent drive system that allows smooth switching between petrol power to natural gas power at any point in time without affecting the performance of the car.

The natural gas power mode is environmental friendly because less reactive hydrocarbons, CO2, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are emitted into the atmosphere making the environment safe for everyone.

It is so amazing how the car switch from the petrol power drive system to the natural gas power mode in the middle of the trip without affecting the speed and other performance of the car.

Do you want to hang out with friends or need transport to tour Singapore? You can count on Mercedes cab limousine to have a smooth and exciting trip.

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