Maxi Cab Singapore

Another way to get around town in Singapore is by Maxi Cab. Maxi Cabs are of different capacities depending on the need of an individual. For foreigners who don’t have a hint to tour the country with ease can always count on Maxi Cabs for their trip.

Depending on the size of your group, maxi Cabs range from six-seaters for a group of five to seven-seaters, as well as nine-seaters. Irrespective of the purpose of your trip either for tourism or pleasure or business, the maxi cab is a good choice.

Maxi cabs irrespective of the size are usually spacious and is ideal for a group trip. There are so many charter companies in Singapore from whom you can hire a maxi cab. Before hiring a maxi cab, however, there is a need to consider some things to get the best around the country.


Just like every other means of transportation, safety is the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning to embark on a trip. The first and the topmost thing to check out before hiring a maxi cab is to run a background check on the hire company.

Consider hiring a maxi cab from a company who has the best interest of its customers regarding safety, the importance of safety cannot be overemphasized. Every maxi cab hire has their safety policy, choose one that best suits you. Endeavor to know the safety rating of the maxi cab you want to hire.


Maxi cabs are no doubt a very comfortable transport popular in Singapore; they, however, have different comfort depending on the handling by the different hire company. Consider hiring from a company that is very concerned about the comfort of their customers.

Maxi cabs are usually spacious and allow you stretch your legs and be relaxed while the driver drives you through your destination.


Maxi cabs come in different capacities; the choice is up to you depending on the number of your group. Do not hire a six-seater maxi cab for a group of seven or more people when you can hire a seven-seater or nine-seaters. Make the right maxi cab capacity for your group because this greatly affects the comfortability of your group.

Remember to also hire from a maxi cab hire company in Singapore that offers you the best regarding price. Plan your trip very well to know how long if you are renting on an hourly basis or how far based on distance so that you don’t overpay at the end.

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