Comfort Limousine Singapore

The limo is one of the best transport choices for a corporate event or any other big occasion such as a wedding in Singapore. Hiring the right limo can be somehow challenging, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Here are some helpful tips to help you make the right choice for limo service.

Plan your trip

You can choose from the different seaters limo like six-seaters, eight seaters or 10 seaters depending on the number of people with whom you are traveling.

Since most limo service companies provide hourly service, you need to decide how many hours you want to use the limo and pay for the exact hours and not overpay.

Find a service provider that understands your needs

A limousine service provider in Singapore will present you their standardized rate which has been fixed on an hourly basis. Most limo service usually bills their client for an extended period that exceeds the number of hours you need the service.

Most of them even count the hours the limo travel to your location from its base and even the hours it’s not working. You need to have an idea of how many hours it will take to transport your guests from place to place and the time it will be idle in between the trip and negotiate with the charter company for a flat rate.

The Review of The Limo you are hiring

Even after doing a background check of the track record of the limo service company it is advisable to read reviews from people who had previously used the limo you are about to hire. Go as far as talking directly to some of the previous users to get a true feedback from them if you can.

Discard add-on services you don’t need.

The most limo service company in Singapore charge for add-on services such as beverage services which you don’t necessarily need. Make a list of all add-on services you will not be utilizing during your trip and negotiate with the company to get rid of the unnecessary services.

There is no need to pay extra charges for what you don’t need.

In conclusion, ensure you have a good plan for your trip before making your choice Singapore Malaysia limo transfer. It is not that difficult to find Singapore Malaysia limo transfer that is true to their services, it all boils down to your proper planning.

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